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Friday, December 30, 2011

Week in Review

Alright, m'dears, you've gotten a healthy dose of me babbling about myself and my thoughts and my feelings and blah blah blah the last month... and the last thing I want to do is come across as self-absorbed (even if it's true). Therefore, in the spirit of looking outward, we're gonna chat about current events today. Hope you're ready to learn!

North Korea wants to suck your blood
Alright, so Kim Jong-il, "supreme leader" of North Korea, bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. Some reported that the cause of death was exhaustion. Some reported that Kim died of a heart attack. My money is on diarrhea or a yeast infection gone bad, but given the tightly-controlled media situation in North Korea, we'll probably never know.

Anyway, the higher ups decided that Kim's funeral would be the perfect opportunity to enhance North Korea's image. They decided the best way to do this would be to parade an oversized poster of their leader while women who attended the Jim Carrey School of Overacting "wept" in the streets. This all got great attention from the western media, so you're not learning anything new by me telling you this.

What's not getting that much attention is the rockin' commentary to accompany the funeral telecast. Which is tragic, because North Korea got COUNT DRACULA HIMSELF to narrate the event. Fast forward to 1:03:

That's kind of a big deal, North Korea. You might want to play that up a bit more. Can't go wrong with the ringing endorsement of a blood sucker.

Baylor wins Alamo Bowl
So I hear that this was a great game, but I refused to watch. It's just awful what that guy did to those kids, and I can't support it.

Tony Alamo
Founder of the Alamo Bowl

I hear that Heisman winner Robert Griffin III put on quite the show, and that he's increased his stock for the 2012 draft. But this is certainly tainted by the fact that such a terrible man organized... wait, what? Oh. Wrong Alamo. My apologies to Davy Crockett.

Iowa running out of frontrunners
Ohhh, get ready, all y'all political junkies out there, it's almost time for the Iowa Caucuses, heck yes it is.  Iowa is being really fickle this year, according to polling data. There's been a new frontrunner every four days or so, and analysts think that this is because none of the candidates are really inspiring the voters. Or caucusizers. Or whatever they're called in Iowa.

Iowans prepare for the caucuses

Iowa is running out of frontrunners, and this is absolutely BAFFLING the television commentators, because they don't know who's going to win this thing. Let me give you my prediction, based on my expert analysis of every Republican Iowa Caucus in history: an old white guy will win. You can take that to the bank. Oh, and corn farmers will get some sweet moolah, too.

Sears and Kmart to close a heck of a lot of stores


Ty Pennington, spokesperson for Sears
Looks like Sears and Kmart are shuttin' down 79 stores and that this number may even go all the way up to 120 once all things are said and done. But DON'T WORRY, employees! Sears spokesperson Ty Pennington, who also hosts a show called Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, has got a heck of a deal for you.

You see, each week on his show, Ty Pennington and his buddies change the life of a family in need by building them a BRAND NEW HOME. And you, newly-fired Sears and Kmart employees, will be the perfect candidates for this show! So send in your applications, folks, YOU could be the next contestant on Extreme Makeover!

Each week, not only do contestants get a BRAND NEW HOME, they get the latest, fanciest gadgets in their house free of cost! Now, let's ask ourselves: WHO has been be so kind and generous to provide all of these gadgets FREE OF COST for all these years?

Sears. You know, the place that just fired you. So even if you don't get selected for the show, it's okay. Take comfort in the fact that even though Sears just crushed your dreams, they're making someone else's come true.

Monday, December 26, 2011

I'll never be a superhero

When I worked at the legal clinic at my law school, I seemed to be the student who was always getting the clients who cried. I'm not sure why it worked out that way, but it did. Some people were emotional because they had heartbreaking stories and had to overcome so much adversity. Some were simply tired and were releasing stress. Some... well, some I wasn't quite sure why they were crying, but that was always my cue to offer them a glass of water. Glasses of water were never the magic cure for stopping tears, but my trip to the kitchen to get the water gave my clients the opportunity to compose themselves outside of my presence.

I've graduated into a job where I encounter many of the same situations I was seeing in the clinic. I've become a champ at staying calm and composed, telling my clients step-by-step what we need to do to give them the best result, and assuring them that they don't need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about being upset. It's okay for them to be upset. But if they're upset to the point we can't continue the meeting... time for the glass of water. And then we move on.

I know darn good and well that I'll never be the one to stop a person's tears. I can fix the underlying legal problem, but the legal problem sometimes only scratches the surface of everything that needs to be fixed. My legal knowhow is not going to change a person's life or behavior. Each person has to live his or her own life as he or she sees fit.

And so I go to work every morning, hoping for the best but expecting nothing. Perhaps I will find out a client's life has changed for the better. Perhaps I will find out that a client has ignored my advice completely and is back at square one. Either scenario is likely. Neither scenario affects how I do my job. Like I said, I can't fix a person's life. However, if I can fix a small piece of it, it's a good day.