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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Court Marathon Injury

So when I woke up Monday morning and my foot was in excruciating pain, the first thought in my mind was "Man, I must have some badass injury from all this badass sprinting and badass heavy weightlifting I'm doing in my badass CrossFit class." And that would have made sense; even though I try to keep pretty good form, I push myself as hard as I can when I work out, and this was a pretty painful injury. It was painful enough that I had to take sick leave on Monday, which I don't like to do, but I'm sure my coworkers appreciated the fact that I left so I could whine to the doctor instead of to them.

Anyway, even though I was whining, I hobbled into the doctors office feeling all hardcore and stuff. It's been YEARS since I've had a sports-related injury, and though injury sucks, it'd be kind of awesome if the injury was a battle wound. The doctor came into the patient room, and I chatted about about all of the intense stuff I was doing. SO HARDCORE! Oh, and then I mentioned the fact that I had participated in a "Court Marathon" the previous week.

Now what is a "Court Marathon," you ask? I referred to last week as the "Court Marathon" because I had four days in court in four different cities.  I've got to get all spiffy looking whenever I make a court appearance, and this includes wearing high heels. I'm not sure *why* women are supposed to wear heels to court. I guess that it helps me out in that instead of looking like a 16-year-old in a suit, I look like a taller 16-year-old in a suit. But that's not the point.

The point is that humans were not designed to be walking tiptoed all the livelong day, so instead of some hardcore sports-related injury, it turns out that I've got a dainty little injury from all of my high-heel wearing. Well, I say "dainty." Actually, I'm all medicined up now and I'm not allowed to do intense workouts or wear heels for a while. And when I walk, I look like a little old lady shuffling through Walmart while pushing a shopping cart. It's pretty glamorous, let me tell ya.

I guess the moral of the story is that you should never name something a "Marathon" unless you want to open yourself up to injury. I'll name my next big week in court something nicer. Like "Court is Awesome, Now Go Eat Some Cupcakes" Week.

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RachelR said...

Ok, I am not nearly hardcore enough for CrossFit, but I take the stairs to my 3rd floor office daily in heels and normally make several trips up and down said stairs each day, and I've never had to seek medical treatment as a result. I consider it part of my cardio ;-)
Hope you're not still hobbling this weekend!