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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big day! HUGE day!

Today is a monumental day in my legal career. Not because I won a hard-fought case. No, m'dears. Today, I moved into a corner office, heck yes I did.

Now, it's not like this corner office gives me a fantastic view, but I'm pretty dang excited. For the entirety of my attorney career, I've had the very first office next to the firm's front entrance. And while that would make it easier to sneak in if I were running a few minutes late - which, of course, I would never do, especially because I keep chocolate in my office and none at home so that gives me extra motivation to get to work because sometimes you just need chocolate - it had its downside.

You see, when you're the first attorney people see when they walk in, those people expect you to give them the direction they need. And by that I mean they want directions to the restroom.

"Oh my, this isn't the bathroom," I'd hear at least twice a week as someone wandered into my office. No, ma'am, this is not the bathroom, but please enjoy all of Razorback memorabilia now surrounding you. And sometimes I would direct them to the door right after mine, which I quit doing because that door actually led to an attorney's office, too, and not a restroom (whoops).

So yes, in my 10th month of practicing law, I have taken a huge step forward in my career by moving away from the front door. That's not to say I don't love visitors - if you ever swing by my firm, please feel free to stop in my office and say hello. I'll even offer you chocolate. You're on your own if you want to find the restroom, though.

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