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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

$5 Fun, Y'all!

A day is only as boring as you let it be. The other day, instead of falling into the wretched abyss of boredom, my friend Megan and I decided to borrow an idea from Ross Mathews - the "$5 Fun" game! There are several ways you can play this wholesome, fun-for-the-whole-family event, but rules of our $5 Fun game were as follows:

1. You must make a gift for the other person
2. The materials to make the gift must be purchased at Hobby Lobby during a 30-minute window
3. You must spend less than $5 on the materials 
4. Everything you buy and create must be an ABSOLUTE SECRET until the gift swap

And so began our afternoon. 

Megan is really creative and good at artsy type stuff, and I knew that whatever she made would be fabulous. And sure enough, it was - in an evil kind of way. For her lovely $5 gift, she created...


Megan and I are not the biggest fans of Houston, but I am a BIG BIG fan of this representation of him. At first I was going to call him "Sparkle Nutt," but then I went with a more G-rated "Houston Pigg." He is now sitting in my office at work.

Of course, I had to create something dazzling for Megan, too. She's getting married very soon, and the best way to show how happy I am for her - and more importantly, show her what a good friend I am - is to make something fantastic that she can use in her wedding. So I take a few small items, add a little bit o' sparkle, and we get....


I fully expect that I will see this on top of the cake at the wedding reception.

For the record, I only spent $3.19 on the cake topper, as there was a 50% discount on the smoochin' birds that I didn't know about before checkout. If I had known I had some extra dough, I'd have probably made the cake topper glow in the dark. My friends deserve only the *classiest* presents, after all.

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