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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stress Relief

Being a lawyer is stressful. I usually try to remedy stress by sitting on the couch for hours, watching reality TV shows that aren't quite as bad as Jersey Shore but that are still really, really bad, and lying around in a pile of chocolate wrappers and empty ice cream bowls. And sometimes when I'm *really really* stressed, I'm surrounded by empty containers of Ben and Jerry's because transferring ice cream from its original container to a bowl takes too much time because OMG I NEED THE ICE CREAM RIGHT NOW DANG IT I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR SOCIAL CONVENTIONS PASS ME THE CHUNKY MONKEY.

But none of that this time, no ma'am. I am going to release my stress in a nice, healthy way, because I am a strong, independent woman who doesn't need trashy TV or empty calories to be happy. So instead of taking the usual route, I have decided that I will take out my frustrations with good ol' fashioned exercise, because a healthy body makes a healthy mind. Plus, sometimes during workouts, you get to punch things. And that's nice, too.

So I decided to start out my exercise plan on Friday morning with a nice little trip to my local CrossFit box. If you are not familiar with the CrossFit training plan, I like to describe it like this: You lift weights til you want to pass out, you run til you want to pass out, you do chin ups until you want to pass out, but you stop before you actually pass out. Except this one time, I actually did pass out, and I was sprawled out on the floor and all I could say to the trainer was "I promise I'm not being overdramatic" and then I was out cold. But other than that, it's really great. You only have to do about 20 minutes of exercise a day and that's kind of fabulous.

On Saturday, though, I was out of town, so my friend Megan suggested I go to Jazzercise with her. And after a day of CrossFit, I figured this would be a fun little way to break a sweat without going through the Pass Out Factor of Crossfit. So I rocked some toe taps. I rocked some grapevines. I rocked that whole Jazzercise workout, heck yes I did.

Unfortunately, because I mixed workouts, I'm a nice little knot of sore muscles and limited mobility now. As a result, I have been lying on the couch for hours, surrounded by food wrappers. It's *almost* like my typical stress relief routine. However, I am not watching reality TV. But that's only because I'm too sore to reach the remote control.

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