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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby, it's cold inside

Is there a universal rule out there that says that all law offices have to be kept at low enough temperature to keep raw meat from spoiling? Holy crap it's cold. This is the third law office I've worked in, and this is also the third office where I've had to bring in extra reinforcements (electric blanket, space heater, etc) to make sure I don't turn into a lawyercicle. Or barristercicle. Whatever.

These days, I keep two Snuggies (sleeved blankets) in my office that I use on an almost constant basis. It's a bit awkward when a client walks in unannounced and I look like I'm celebrating a snow day at home instead being a lawyerly lawyer who does lawyerly things. But a cold lawyer is a cranky lawyer, and *nobody* likes a cranky lawyer. Heck, most people don't even like the uncranky ones, so I don't need that working against me.

Fortunately, seeing that the seasons are changing, maybe the office temperature will change as well.  I'm willing to bet that the office will still be kept at a temperature that is more igloo-esque than I prefer. But maybe I'll be able to cut my Snuggie usage down to one.