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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Panic Shopping

It's that time of year, folks. If you haven't bought milk, eggs, shotguns or toilet paper today, let's hope that you're not needing any in the near future, because it's snowstorm time in the South. And snowstorm time in the South means that you need to PANIC PANIC PANIC and buy enough supplies to last you seven months, because you never know how long the wintry weather advisory is going to last. Not that I'm not making fun of people who panic shop. I used make fun of them, but I stopped doing that after I failed to prepare for the Great Ice Storm of '09 and was forced to eat a can of frosting for dinner.

Anyway, I did all my panic shopping this morning, and I'm sure I bought enough to payroll a Walmart employee for a week. Unfortunately, my town has missed the blizzard so far. So while I'm thrilled for my friends across the South who are texting me with "OMG SNOW THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER NEXT TO SHARK WEEK YAY THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME" type messages, I'm constantly peering out the window to see if a flake of snow will hit the ground.  

I have a feeling that I will be looking out the window all night long, only to find out that I will not get the snow day I want. This means I will have to drive to work a miserable woman tomorrow, aggravated that I did all this preparation for nothing, and then I'll be cranky the rest of the day. And that's just all kinds of bad. So please, snowstorm, hurry up and get here. I don't want my cabinet full of canned tuna to be for naught.

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phobos said...

Ironic that you had to eat a can of could say that was your slice of humble pie (except people don't usually put icing on pies).

We also got stuck during the ice storm of 09...and we lived less than a block from a grocery store. The problem being that we were the last apartment on the grid to regain power is that 99% of apartments built in the last 10 years are entirely electric...

We wound up eating cold Chef Boyardee from the can by dim tea candlelight. Arguably better than a can of icing, but humbling nonetheless.

Hope you bought a house/apartment with a gas stove!