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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The To-Do List

Well, m'dears, you probably think I have abandoned you post-graduation, seeing that I haven't posted in a few weeks. In fact, quite the opposite is true.  I've got nine unfinished posts swimming around my editing page, believe it or not. I doubt they'll ever get finished, but that's okay. Because for the next two months, I don't have to do any assignments if I don't want to, darn it, because I am FINISHED with school. FINISHED, I tell you, and I've got an obnoxiously large piece of paper stuffed in a drawer to prove it.  And it has my name on it, heck yes it does.

However... even though I don't *have* to complete any assignments for the next two months, I *will* be completing assignments. You see, I've got this little ol' thing called the bar exam coming around the corner, so I'm taking a multi-week bar preparation course from the kind folks at BarBri. Or, as I like to call it, Law School on Prozac, Steroids, and Refined Sugars. [Note to the state board of bar examiners, in case you are reading this: I am not on prozac or steroids myself, pinky promise.] Anyway, as a part of my BarBri bar prep, I have do do all sorts of readings, essays, practice quizzes, etc. every day. I've managed to keep my sanity, or whatever's left of it, in tact so far. If I can keep doing what I'm doing, I should be able to make it to the bar exam without being too miserable. Hopefully, by the time the exam rolls along, I'll finally know all the material,  because passing the bar exam the first time would be nice.

Now, some of you might be wondering what I wrote in my nine unfinished blog posts.  Basically, they were all attempts to make the transition to life as a Juris Doctor sound really profound.  But none of the posts seemed to work for me, because life as a J.D. doesn't seem profound yet. At all. My life just seems like a big giant checklist toward becoming a lawyer, and the degree was just another checkmark on an unfinished project. A big checkmark. But not the final checkmark.

So, my friends, bear with me the next few months.  The final checkmark on my to-do list is the bar exam, and I'm going to take this as seriously as I've taken anything in my life. I promise I'll keep you all in the loop throughout the process with some less-than-serious posts. But don't take it personally if I'm a bit cranky with you during this time.  I'll try to be nice.  If you bring me cupcakes, I'll make an even bigger effort to be nice.

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