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Monday, June 7, 2010

BarBri Supermodel

Okay, I'm three weeks into studying for the bar exam, and I've decided to use BarBri's StudySmart software to help me out.  The program has been helpful, but good grief it looks awkward.

This is a screenshot of the program:

And this is the closeup of the male model portraying someone studying for the bar:

I can assure you this person is not studying for the bar, and I highly doubt the kid's even stepped foot in a real law school. How do I know this?

1. The recreational reading materials sitting next to him. There ain't a single book in that stack that's big enough to be a BarBri book.  And they sure as heck aren't legal study aids either. I've seen every single brand of law school commercial outline, and I promise none of them look like that.

2. The smile. Yeah, buddy. Study U.C.C. Article 9 for three hours and I promise you won't be smiling anymore.  (Note: I'm making it a point to have a positive attitude this summer, but I've reserved the right to complain about U.C.C. 9 at any time.)

3. The lack of beverage in the picture. If he were actually studying for the bar exam, he'd have a drink next to him. This drink would contain either caffeine or alcohol. Maybe both.

I have to give BarBri credit, though. If they showed a picture of someone who was actually studying for the bar, we'd all be so terrified that we'd never open the program. So I'm okay that they're using male models with blank stares on their faces instead.


jordan said...

yeah, and he doesnt have a computer or cell phone on the desk next to him. and look at his clothes: were he a law student, he would have a hoodie or a hat or both.

JOB_V said...

Jordan - unsuprisingly, you are incorrect. If he were to be a law student he would either be wearing (1) a fleece vest and hair product, or (2) he would be dressed not unlike those who utilize bridges for shelter and collect aluminum cans for wine money.