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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well that was fun.

About 20 years ago, my dad walked me to my classroom for the first day of kindergarten.  I was wearing a dress.  I don't remember which dress I was wearing, but it was probably a sun dress. I was carrying a blue Sesame Street lunchbox.  I was a little scared, but my feelings of fear were overwhelmed by the accomplishment I felt for making it past preschool and the excitement of starting "real school."

When I walked into the classroom, I met a boy named Allen. He was an energetic child who wore gray velcro shoes.  He would say a few words to me, place his hands on the floor and do a donkey kick, and then go back to talking.  He did this until the teacher caught him and told him to sit down.  I don't remember much else about my first day of school, other than that a kid named Blake decided to punch me in the face twice. He got into a little bit of trouble for that. 


I just finished my last class ever.  Environmental Law, specifically. And just like my first day of school, I'm scared, I feel accomplished, and I'm excited.  Thankfully, I did not get punched in the face.

When I started kindergarten, I had a pretty good idea that I'd be in school for a long time.  Now that I've finished my last class ever, I have no idea where I'm going. I think that's how things are supposed to be, though.  I'm a single, 25-year-old, soon-to-be career woman (oh lord, that sounded like a singles ad), and I'm not going to be cocooned in the comfort of a class schedule anymore. The choices in front of me are overwhelming, and I am incredibly blessed.

God has given me so much to be thankful for.  My only hope is that I can humbly use those gifts to better humankind and to show unconditional love and service to all people whose paths I cross.

And so ends a very long, happy chapter in my life.  My formal education is about to come to a close, but I'm ready for the new adventures (and non-adventures) to begin.

(Oh, and y'all get ready. Next week marks the start of my finals-related blog posts. Heck yes.)


mcloud0125 said...

Congrats on finishing your classes, Sarah. Good luck with finals! I'm sure everything will work out great for you.

Now if I could only make the next four years go by faster... *sigh*

Victor said...

punched in the face twice??? That's insane. No wonder you are so tough now =P