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Sunday, April 25, 2010

More great moments in note taking

Okay, the "great moments in note taking" post was really difficult to compile this semester. I didn't have a lot of notes to work with.  This is definitely because I only took 12 hours this semester and absolutely not because I gave up on taking notes sometime in February.
  • Johnson v. Rockwell Automation – Plaintiff's bar hates this. This is the first definitive case... ___? Has more to do with ___? This is a certified question.  
  • Something about a magazine... and it was an integral part of the election process. I quit paying attention. But they wanted to make sure everyone has access.'
  • Direct and grassroots lobbying,... something. Lobbying nontaxable is a certain amount, 15%,10%, 5%, et cetera. La la la.
  • Technical jazz. Yay.
  • (There has to be fear)(How do yuo show fear?)
  • Public charity – get the ???. If you donate to the charity
  • But still required to engage in activities for exempt purpose. Blah blah
  • If you have substantial commercial activity that's unrelated... you lose exemption. Blah blah again.
Happy finals week, y'all.

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