The adventures (and non-adventures) of a marginally seasoned attorney.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Falling a step behind

I, Glutton for Punishment, am the world's biggest badass because I ran my first 5K today and managed not to puke as I crossed the finish line.

I waited until I got to my car to do that. That's the more badass thing to do.

I actually had quite a good training plan worked out for this 5K, but this itty bitty thing called law school got in the way. And along with this itty bitty law school thing came advancing in trial competition (dang it), competing in negotiations competition (we got cut in the second round because we were "too mean," though we got everything our client wanted and then some), a couple of takehome exams, some ridiculous pleadings assignments, and some other ridiculous crap that is inherent in the normal course of law school dealings.

Anyway, I did make it through the entire 5K course without stopping, and I was on the biggest adrenaline high EVER the hours following, partly because of all the exercise I got, and partly because coming to the realization that you are the world's biggest badass is pretty exciting.

And then the evening came.

Long story short, I went to a football game with my parents, and afterward, my mother had to lift me into the backseat of her SUV because I couldn't move my legs into the car by myself without being in excruciating pain. But I'm better today. My walking style that could be best described as a "shuffle" yesterday has now evolved into a full on "waddle" or "hobble," so I am on the up and up, yes siree.

Needless to say, I'm rethinking this whole notion of me being the world's biggest badass. Guess we'll find out next weekend.... when I run my second 5K.

Friday, October 3, 2008

One shining moment

So last week I decided that I never, ever want to be a trial lawyer.

The decision may or may not have had something to do with the fact that I failed to make a complete sentence at any point during my pre-trial conference for trial class. And the pre-trial conference was bad enough that I had to go and buy chocolate so I could feel better. Actually, I probably would have bought the chocolate regardless. But I digress.

Unfortunately, I made this decision about one day after I had signed up to be in the law school's mock trial competition. So after I had eaten the chocolate (Hershey's with almonds, by the way) and said "Screw trial work," I realized I was still stuck with this dang competition. Yeah, not pleased. And I really didn't want to do any more work than I had to, so I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't do well enough to advance to the next round. In fact, my only real goal for the competition was not to fall flat on my face. Or my ass. Or anything else. But mainly my face or my ass.

So round one of the competition was this last week. I was as nervous as all getout and I was running on almost no sleep. And it was pretty obvious during trial. I said something mistrial worthy in one of my direct examinations. I forgot the relevance of every piece of evidence I tried to enter.

I got an email today from the Board of Advocates congratulating me on advancing to the next round.

Dang it.