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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Overheard in Law School

So have you heard of the blog "Overheard in Law School?" Well, I'm not linking to it. I submitted some funny stuff to them, and they never published it (jerks). Fine. They can have their ugly purple-and-green blog, and I'll post some fabulous things I've overheard on my oh-so dazzling sea-of-pink blog.

: What do you think the court's policy was behind holding the way they did?
1L, very seriously: Wasn't it justice?

1L [via IM]
: It's the paradox of law school. A reasonably prudent person would never subject themselves to law school.
Other 1L: It's an attractive nuisance.

Professor, asking about a child abuse case
: Why do you think they use abbreviations for names in this case, Ms. [1L]?
1L: Well, probably because their names were too long.