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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Finals Preparation by the Numbers

Okay, so not only has law school has made me dull and uninspired, but you throw in finals prep, and now I'm lazy, as well. So today, you will not get a real post, just a brief glimpse of what my week has been like.
  • Days until finals: 9
  • Pages of text read: 500-ish
  • Number of commercial study aids used in studying: 4
  • Cans of Red Bull consumed: 18
  • Episodes of "To Catch a Predator" watched while I should have been studying: 3
  • YouTube videos of my favorite bands watched while I should have been studying: Too many to count
  • Dead mice found in my apartment: 0
  • Actual number of dead mice in my apartment: Probably 2
  • Humiliating moments: 1
  • Attempts at figuring out supplemental jurisdiction: Not enough, apparently
  • Pieces of good advice I gave: 7
  • Pieces of good advice my friends will actually take: 0
  • Text messages sent: 45
  • Minutes I spent typing this instead of reviewing future interests: 20 (would have been less, but I had to find another can of Red Bull and edit out the inappropriate stuff...)
So that's pretty much it. Love, nice comments, and shots of tequila are always appreciated.

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