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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Faces in the Crowd

I may be law school's slave, but rock and roll will always be my true love. I went to a fabulous concert last week, and I'm still buzzing from it. There is no way to truly describe the emotional experience one goes through while sitting through a a good show; any attempt I could make would result in a page full of rambling (not like y'all don't get that from me already...). Anyway, I got to sit near some colorful characters during the show. Here were a few of my favorites:
  • Stoned person #1 - So there were some guys trying to figure out where they were supposed to sit, and being the good person that I am (that, and they were annoying me), I was going to tell them they needed to go back a row. I look up at one of the guys, and before I can say a word, he says "Don't look at us. We're really high. Don't look at us."
  • Little old man and lady - Dude, there were some white haired folks a few rows in front of me jammin' out to the music. And I'm not talking about people who look like old rockers - these folks were of the windbreaker-wearing variety.
  • Stoned person #2 - This guy in the row in front of me turns to my friend for no apparent reason, goes "What's uuuuuup?" and then turns back around to mind his business.
  • Screaming guy - Oh, this guy was a rocker from way back, and he was reeeeeally excited about this concert. A large group of people were headed to the concert, and this guy just starts yelling "WOOOO! [Band name]! WOOO! Why aren't you all screamin'??? They ain't never gonna come back to [this city] if you all don't start screamin'!" He continued this screaming all the way to the venue and throughout the first opening act. He got dead silent after that though. Guess he didn't want the band to come back, after all.
  • Stoned person #3 - I know someone near me was lighting up because the scent would hit me every couple of minutes or so. Stoned person #3 was a sneaky kid, though - I never could figure out who he was. On a related note, once the smoke died down, I could smell a corn dog.
Anyway, like I said, rock may be my true love, but I can't ignore my duties to law school. So for now, the music takes a backseat to the world of academics. But no complaints. In the words of the great Stephen Stills, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." Here's to loving Law School.

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