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Monday, August 27, 2007

Career Options

It's a mighty good thing I don't hate law school yet. If this gig doesn't work out, I really don't have that many other career options. There actually was one point last week when I thought that maybe law school wasn't for me, but then I thought about what I would be doing if I weren't here...

  • Journalist - I technically am qualified for this job, but somehow, in my quest for writing unbiased news stories, I write favorably toward the side I disagree with. My biggest fear is that I would get angry reading some right-wing blabber in the newspaper one day and then remember I was the one who wrote the dang piece.
  • Housewife - Well, see, there are a couple of problems with this one. If I were to be a housewife, we'd have to be working on the assumptions that a) I want to be married right now and b) I'm good at cooking and cleaning. Ain't gonna happen.
  • Grad School Student - As much hell as it can be to brief cases all the livelong day, at least I'm not writing a master's thesis right now. And that pretty much tickles me to death.
So yeah, I should stay in law school. I suppose if things go horribly wrong, I could move to Atlanta and be the starting QB for the Falcons. I hear there's an opening for the job.

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