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Friday, August 17, 2007

Greek Life, Part 2

First impression of law school? It's a sorority minus all the poofed hair. Orientation week just ended, and seriously, I haven't heard this kind of rhetoric since I first joined a Greek organization.

Most of the speakers during the course of orientation were saying things along the lines of, "Oh, you'll make so many lifelong friendships," and "This will be a great bonding experience," blah, blah. And you know, I remember these exact same speeches from undergrad - they were the sisterhood talks. We'd be sisters for life, and no, we didn't go to college to find a husband, we came to college to find our bridesmaids (actually, I went to college because I wanted to be a political communications director, but that's beside the point). Although, none of the law speakers told us to treasure the time we have in school. I guess they know we're not that gullible.

But no! It wasn't all fun and games - after all of that friendship stuff, the orientation speaker would make a comment along the lines of how much work law school is going to be and how we might want to quit sometimes. And that was pretty much correct, because at 11 that night, I was doing my homework and finally figured out that I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

But you know, I hated sorority rush more than anything, and I got through that just fine. If I can handle talking to a bunch of bitchy girls who weren't going to join my house anyway, I can handle briefing a few cases. Maybe the law school should throw some Coke dates or crush functions into the mix just to make sure we stick with it.

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